Fighting childhood obesity in India

The mindset of parents needs to change to stop childhood obesity. Parents believe that their child is healthy or of average weight, but fail to see the larger picture. Or another mistake is giving into children's craving for fast food. Agreed, that a child's tantrum can wreck your world, but fast food can wreck their future.
These are the signs to watch out for in terms of childhood obesity:
- Lack of exercise or activity - If your child does not get enough exercise or physical activity, he will gain weight at a faster pace. It can also make him lazy. Outdoor games is not only a physical activity but also builds your child's mental capacity in thinking and improves his social skills.
- Snoring, asthma and exhaustion are also signs of childhood obesity
- Improper diet, unhealthy beverages, and overeating are some of the major signs to watch out.
- Over parents can also hamper the child's health.

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